Commander Legends

Hello All,

We have an amazing supplemental set for Magic the Gathering on the way, November 20th, and this one is specifically focused on everyone's favorite format, Commander. With the release of Commander Legends we are receiving a plethora of new cards focusing on Partner, interactions with the command zone and attacking multiple players, along with a mountain of reprints, cards such as Mana Drain, Scroll Rack, and Vampiric Tutor just to name a few. Here is a taste of some of the newer cards on the way! For a list of all the spoilers click here!

We will be running a set of pre-release events for the store which, unfortunately due to Covid, will be an at Home Pre-release. Importantly this will give everyone the ability to buy some packs and give this new set a try! We are also currently taking pre-orders for the set, and if it is as limited as Jumpstart ended up being you better jump on this opportunity before they are all gone. Also you get some pretty swanky promos if you participate!

For more information regarding the set release, prices, and more just contact the store and we will be more than happy to answer them!


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