Strixhaven Release and Pre-Release

Hello Everyone, today we will be teaching you about how awesome Strixhaven is going to be and what all you can do to be apart of it! First up the set is built around the enemy colors each featuring their own unique school. These schools specialize in their own brand of magic based around history, theater, math, literature and philosophy. Each school has their own mechanics but all of them focus heavily on Instant and Sorcery interactions and new searchable cards called Lessons. We will be holding at-home prerelease events starting on April 16th and going through the 22nd, with the official release on the 23rd. During the pre-release you can get pre-release packs and draft booster boxes, with set boosters, collector boosters, commander decks and more on the following week. This set is looking to be really cool and filled with powerful cards; to check out all the cards in the set click here. The set is also featuring 63 alternate art reprints of older, icon Instant and Sorcery cards, and if you pre-order the Japanese set boosters, you can get the Japanese exclusive arts as well!


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