Magic the Gathering Rook's Competitive Series

Welcome to the Rooks Competitive Series for Magic the Gathering! This series will be a set of three tournaments, one held each month, followed by a fourth Grand Tournament as its culmination. The first three tournaments will be Standard on July 31st, Modern on August 28th, and Legacy on September 25th. Each tournament will be a $50 entry fee, but all prizes will be in Cash. Besides the cash prizes, players will be competing for points towards the Grand Tournament; here is a point breakdown for the three tournaments.

  • Entering a tournament - 1pt
  • 8th place - 2pts
  • 7th place - 3pts
  • 6th place - 4pts
  • 5th place - 5pts
  • 4th place - 6pts
  • 3rd place - 7pts
  • 2nd place - 8pts
  • 1st place - 10pts

To enter the Grand Tournament, which will be on October 23rd, you will need to earn at least 3 points, or pay a $25 entry fee, so if you play in all three tournaments before it you will be automatically entered into the final tournament for free. This Grand Tournament's format will be determined by the event before it with the highest attendance. The top 8 point leaders will get a round one bye for the Grand Tournament. Since the Grand Tournament is free for those who meet the point requirements, the money will be coming from the first three tournaments, so here is a breakdown of what the money will be used for in the first three events.

$50 per player

  • Money to Players - $35
  • Money to Judges - $7.50
  • Money to Rooks - $2.50
  • Money to Grand Tournament - $5

We are trying to be as transparent as possible concerning prize support and tournament structure to cut down on the confusion. We are hoping to have a great run of fun and competitive events with great prize support, so if you have a questions or concerns, just let us know, we are very open to feedback!


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