March of the Machine Pre-Release Weekend

The sets keep getting crazier and the stakes just keep soaring higher! This time around the Phyrexians are invading the entire multiverse and everyone has to band together to try and stop them! Things are getting corrupted, we are getting frenemy combo creatures, and even more insane stuff; this set is going to be amazing! As with every set arrival, we will be running a lot of pre-release events, all of which are listed below! 


Friday April 14th: 

  • 03:00 pm Regular Sealed
  • 06:30 pm Regular Sealed
  • 07:00 pm Two Headed Giant Sealed
  • 08:00 pm Jumpstart

Saturday April 15th:

  • 08:00 am Regular Sealed
  • 10:00 am Jumpstart
  • 12:00 pm Main Event Sealed (4 Rounds)
  • 05:00 pm Regular Sealed

Sunday April 16th:

  • 10:00 am Jumpstart
  • 11:00 am Two Headed Giant Sealed
  • 05:00 pm Regular Sealed

Monday April 17th:

  • 06:30 pm Regular Sealed


Each person who plays in the events will get 6 packs of the new set, along with a foil rare/mythic and a roll down d20. You will open your packs to get cards, build a deck with them, then use it to battle for glory and free booster packs! 


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