New MtG Updates!

Hello all you Magic the Gathering fans, we have several announcements regarding how MtG events will be run in the store after May 27th, if we are allowed to open the space by then that is. For those that do not know Wizards is removing DCI numbers and Planeswalker Points from organized play permanently. This means people will have to make Wizards Accounts, which are fairly straight forward, and are recommending that people get the Magic Companion App which is currently in beta. So for people who do not have a Wizards Account, it will be required after May 27th if you want to play in store run events. This transitionary period will be a pain for sure, but in the long run it will make everything go much smoother! If you have any questions regarding these changes check the hyperlinks above, and if you are still left with questions give us a call!




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