Photon Hypernova Premiere Event!

Hello Everyone and welcome to the Premiere Event for Yu-Gi-Ohs newest set Photon Hypernova. It has been a while since we have gotten to run a Premiere Event, so we are going to remind you all how it works. Entry for the event will be $22.50, and everyone who plays will be given 5 packs of the new set, along with a field center card exclusive to Photon Hypernova. The cards you open can be used in your decks during the tournament, but it is not a requirement to play in the event, because it will just be a typical constructed event otherwise.

Everyone who plays in the event will have the chance of getting some door prizes as well, which includes promo cards, playmats and OTS packs. The person who ends up winning the whole event, will also receive a promo card and a playmat. These events are always a blast and are a great way of starting out in the game and the community. Can't wait to see you all here!


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