Pokémon Battle League!

Hello all and welcome to our official Pokémon Battle League! This is our new, once a week, mini tournament for Pokémon, based around testing decks, learning the game, and, most importantly, introducing yourself to the community!

The event itself is very simple. Everyone will pay $5 to play, you will be entered into a swiss style tournament and you will battle it out against your peers for additional prizes. Since this is a very casual event, everyone who plays will get one pack, just for participating, but those who do well, will receive extra packs!

We are not currently an official Pokémon store, but all of our applications are in and we are awaiting approval, so, soon we will be able to offer promo rewards, such as cards, pins, stickers and other handouts as prizes. It is an exciting time to be a Pokémon player!


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