Pokémon Brilliant Stars

Pokémon Brilliant Stars is now available for pre-order! This new Pokémon set will be releasing on February 25th 2022, and is looking very unique. This set seems like it is going to be focusing on normal and fire type Pokémon and will be a smaller than a usual set, with only about 170 cards. This set will be introducing a new type of V evolution with VSTAR Pokémon. For those familiar with the Pokémon TCG, this is like fusing together VMAX and GX cards into one. For those unfamiliar, the VSTAR Pokémon is a evolution of a V Pokémon and will have an extremely powerful VSTAR power that is only usable once per game, so you will have to decide on which VSTAR ability to use in each of your games! Along with the 4 VSTAR Pokémon we are receiving, there are going to be 20 more Pokémon V and 3 Pokémon VMAX in this set as well, along with 30 alternate art trainer cards. Meaning this set is going to be loaded with powerful Pokémon and awesome collectibles! At the moment we are only allowing the pre-order of Elite Trainer Boxes and Booster Boxes of the set, but we are not currently limiting the number you can order, so order as much as you would like!


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