Pokémon Evolving Skies

Pokémon Evolving Skies is now available for pre-order! Not much about the set is known thus far, except that the set is looking to be on the same power level as Chilling Reign, will be featuring some more Rapid and First Strike Pokémon, some more V and Vmax Pokémon and lots of awesome cards featuring the Eeveelutions, such as Sylveon, Umbreon and more! We are allowing people to pre-order any number of booster boxes and elite trainer boxes, no other types of product at this time. There was no problems with Chilling Reign, but if this set is just as popular, or more, and they send us less, there could be issues getting product to everyone. So if you really need some Evolving Skies, let us know and we will try and get you as much as we can!


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