Scarlet & Violet Pokémon TCG

We finally have some information regarding the upcoming set Scarlet & Violet for the Pokémon TCG. The set is bound to bring with it a lot of sweet cards and mechanics that we have never seen before; we know of two of these mechanics already, first is the return of EX Pokémon and the second is the introduction of Tera type Pokémon, which have clashing types between the Pokémon and their attacks. There is also going to be a ton of new trainers, a supposed new type of alternate art card, and almost certainly some crazy busted cards on the horizon.


The only downside to this release is that we are still having to wait a while for it to finally come out. We are taking pre-orders for this set, but it will not be releasing until March 31st; that's right, we are still over a month away from Scarlet & Violet coming out, but we promise, the wait will be worth it!




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