Star Wars Unlimited Pre-Release

There is a brand new TCG on the way, and it happens to be themed entirely around Star Wars! This game has multiple combat zones, ground and space, uses 6 colors to allow you to build decks and uses a fantastic initiative based back and forth style of play! We couldn't be more excited to usher in such a unique and interesting game into our repertoire of TCGs. We will be holding some pre-release events for Star Wars Unlimited's first set, Spark of Rebellion, one week before the official release; here are a list of all the events you can come and play in!


Friday March 1st, 6:00PM

Saturday March 2nd, 12:00PM

Saturday March 2nd, 5:00PM

Sunday March 3rd, 12:00PM


You will pick a leader from among the cards you open, 6 packs total, to build a deck around, and then battle other players to win glorious promos!


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