Outlaws of Thunder Junction Pre-Release!

Welcome to Outlaws of Thunder Junction, it is a vast and lawless land filled to the brim with all kinds of Outlaws, you know, assassins, rogues, pirates and the like, committing crimes, and you are there to join them! That is right, we are the bad guys this time around, so you will be saddling up your mounts, holstering your "guns" and travelling the large desert in search of adventure and loot of course! If that sounds like a rip-roaring occasion you would like to be a part of then here are the times below!

Friday (April 12th)

  • 3:00pm (Regular Sealed)
  • 6:30pm (Regular Sealed)
  • 7:00pm (Two-Headed Giant Sealed)

Saturday (April 13th)

  • 8:00am (Regular Sealed)
  • 12:00pm (Main Event Sealed)
  • 5:00pm (Regular Sealed)

Sunday (April 14th)

  • 11:00am (Two-Headed Giant Sealed)
  • 5:00pm (Regular Sealed)

Monday (April 15th)

  • 6:00pm (Regular Sealed)

This is a normal Pre-Release event, which means everyone will receive a kit with 6 play boosters, a random foil rare/mythic and a roll down d20. (With the addition of play boosters, costs of Pre-Release kits has gone up to $40 now.) You will build a deck out of the cards you open and will battle other varmints over the course of 3 rounds for glory and booster packs! It should be a rootin' tootin' good time, as always, so come and join in on the festivities!


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