WPNQ - Players Tour Qualifier

Hello All, welcome to Rook's WPNQ tournament. Get ready everybody, because this one is going to be a doozy. Wizards has given us the opportunity to run a Wizards Play Network Qualifier tournament, which means awesome promos, great prizes, and a chance at getting to play in the actual Players Tour!


Date: December 7th

Registration: Starts at 10:00AM

Player Meeting: Starts at 11:00AM

Entry Fee: $50

Format: Standard, Swiss, 1 vs 1, Competitive REL

Prizes: Those that make top 28 during the event will receive a promo Arcbound Ravager, those that make top 8 will get prizes in store credit, and the person that gets 1st place will receive a spot in the players tour and will win airfare there and back to Player Tour Phoenix. Wow!


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