Yu-Gi-Oh! Every Tuesday and Saturday!

This is your weekly opportunity to play in a Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament. We run the tournament Swiss style with the constructed - advanced rule set and ban list, all ages welcome. This the best way to start playing Yu-Gi-Oh! in the store and a great way to meet the rest of the community. The community of folks who are playing is rapidly growing. As it is, if you are new we have plenty of regulars and staff members to assist you in getting started on getting to know the heart of the cards.

On Tuesdays the entry fee is $10. The prize structure for this event is at a higher stake than Saturdays. This is because Tuesday nights are more competitive. The players this night is geared towards are those who have experience in playing at a higher power level, those players who have played at qualifying levels, and for those players who want to risk more for reward. The top 3 will walk away with store credit dependent on attendance for the night.

On Saturdays the entry fee is $5. The tournaments Everyone who plays in the event is guaranteed to get a booster pack just for playing, but you place highly during the tournament you will get an additional booster pack. This is the more casual focused day. This day is for those who want extra practice before stepping up to a more competitive scene, or new players! 



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